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Technical Facilities Engineer

Technical Facilities Engineer

For expansion of our team we are looking for a technical and/or chemically experienced professional. We look out for a colleague that can help us in overseeing and handling all calibration and maintenance requirements of our equipment and critical facilities and installations.


You will work in a quality driven environment according to ISO 13485 and GMP. Experience with working in such an environment would be perfect. Strong communication skills both in speech and in writing are important (NL/ENG). You have to be a self-starting person able to manage its own work. It is important that you are observant and able to follow-up your observations (problem solver).

Your main activities

  • Oversee all calibration & maintenance items
  • Incoming equipment handling and administration
  • Organize and handle external calibration & maintenance
  • Participate in calibration and maintenances in-house
  • Responsible for the equipment storage(s)
  • Internal distribution of equipment
  • Responsible for the workshop
  • Responsible for tools, spare parts & back-up equipment
  • Responsible for compiling and archiving equipment files
  • Equipment troubleshooting during operations
  • Advice / participate in selecting (ancillary) equipment
  • Maintain contact with equipment (part) suppliers
  • Stay up-to-date with new developments in equipments/facilities/installations
  • Maintain contact with neighbouring companies for facility sharing relationships
  • Facility management for critical installations and labs

Your background

We are looking for a well-educated/trained hands-on person (Eng, BSc, Technical Professional Education - HTS, HLO, MTS) with at least 5 years experience in a similar job. Experience with ATEX and SHE would be great.


Send your application letter and resumé (CV) to info@polyvation.com with reference to 'CME 0519'. You may also request for more information using the same e-mail address.