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Polyvation Your medicine to innovate

Custom manufacturing

PolyVation performs custom synthesis and manufacturing of your specified polymers, pre-polymers and monomers.

We take care of process development, up-scaling and commercial manufacturing on multi-kilogram batch scale. 


Whatever your synthetic request, PolyVation is your party to talk to. We like to be challenged in designing and making novel (macro)molecular architectures. End group and side group functionalization makes part of this.

A few areas of expertise:

Bioabsorbable polymers:

  • Polyesters (PLA, PLGA, PCLA, ...)
  • Polyetheresters (PEG-based polymers)
  • Polyorthoesters

Biostable polymers:

  • Vinyl pyrrolidone (co)polymers
  • Acrylate (co)polymers
  • Vinyl alcohol graft copolymers


PolyVation is fully equipped to manufacture polymers from the gram-scale to the multi-kilogram scale, while strictly validating and monitoring the product specifications. Stability and a constant high quality of production are guaranteed by our high-level quality system (cGMP) and expertise in polymer chemistry.

In our current portfolio we manufacture polymers for 

  • Injectable drug delivery systems
  • Ophthalmic devices
  • Cardio-vascular devices
  • Tissue engineering products
  • Phase transfer gels
  • Diagnostic membranes