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Pharma NL - a new initiative supported by PolyVation

The Netherlands, and the greater Groningen area in particular, is leading in developing key knowhow, key technologies and making key ingredients for todays and tomorrows medicine. The Pharma NL initiative wants to build this out to a flourishing pharma industry in the Netherlands that makes access to medicine better secured. Making medicine in a greener, more sustainable manner is one of the core values of the initative.

Polymers make medicine used more effectively, more safely, more patient-friendly and allow for better therapies and new therapeutical solutions. PolyVation is a worldwide renowed customized developer and maker of these polymers for innovative medicine. Polymers that resorb in a contolled way, that release the active ingredients in a controlled way for the desired duration and at the desired location. Polymers that act as controlled release excipients or as backbones for drug molecules.

Learn more on the Pharma NL initiative in the video (Dutch spoken).