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Polyvation Your medicine to innovate

Research & development

Whatever the challenge we can devise a solution. Whether it is by developing a polymer specifically geared towards your requirements, making a library of polymers and provide you with R&D materials, finding hands-on solutions to acute problems or contributing to your regulatory filings, at PolyVation we know how to deal with a challenge in an efficient and result-oriented manner.


Looking for a new polymer or a modification of an existing one? Looking for ways to improve the properties of your current material or product? Interested in finding out how polymers could add value to your product? Requiring R&D materials for your prototyping work? Or just want to know more about the properties or composition of a certain material or polymer-based product? PolyVation is your partner of choice to generate the answers and realize the innovations. 

For polymer development and R&D supply we can start with protocols or recipes that are provided by you, take one of ours or start from scratch. Once targeting (pre)clinical milestones polymer development is documented in Design History Files guided by our design control procedure.

Problem solving

At PolyVation, we are strong in rapidly deducing an acute problem or question into an action plan that is subsequently executed by our specialists. We combine smart thinking with practical experience and advanced analytical techniques. As such, we are capable of quickly solving material-related problems.

Analysis & Regulatory support

Thanks to our ample experience in working with specialty polymers for a wide range of biomedical applications we can offer you valuable assistance in building the regulatory (technical) files for your product. We can support in determining which material requirements are relevant for your product in view of functionality and biocompatibility. In addition to that physical-chemical biocompatibility tests can be performed by us in house. Biological tests are outsourced to qualified labs. Material shelf-life and stability studies are being performed by us on a regular basis.