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About us

PolyVation provides polymer development, custom synthesis, scale-up and GMP manufacturing services for customers developing and commercializing advanced biomedical and pharmaceutical product applications.

We develop polymer materials that comply with the properties required for your biomedical or pharmaceutical product application. We are fully equipped for commercial (custom) manufacturing of specialty polymers and (functional) monomers. Our manufacturing operations are performed according to EU and FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) industry guidelines. On top of that are we ISO 13485 certified (ISO 13485:2016).

The PolyVation team consists of highly qualified scientists and technicians with ample experience in polymer development, analysis, synthesis, manufacturing and quality.

We have a true entrepreneurial spirit. That is reflected in the way we work with our customers. And that is why we actively develop new material technologies that may form the basis for your future products.

Good collaboration with our customers is of the utmost importance for success. We aim to build long-lasting partnerships based on trust, respect and mutual benefit. We run our projects in a very transparent and structured manner with clearly defined deliverables and timelines. This allows to keep track of the project and, if necessary, to make timely adjustments.

We developed a partnership business structure that allows you full control of the polymer manufacturing relationship with PolyVation.

We have longstanding experience in the polymer field. PolyVation was founded in 1996 as a spin-off from the Polymer Laboratories of the University of Groningen and the related University Medical Center in The Netherlands. The company's offices, laboratories and manufacturing facilities are all located in Groningen, The Netherlands (Campus Groningen). PolyVation is a privately held company and currently employs 85 people in total, that is including the drug delivery business ventures InnoCore and InGell.