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About us


We operate a very modern facility of 3000 sqm equipped for clean manufacturing, analysis and chemistry of pharmaceutical and biomedical polymers.


We use a broad array of analytical and characterization techniques allowing us to tackle challenging development projects, specialty synthesis assignments and answer complicated technical questions. Last but not least, it allow us to perform detailed quality control of the polymers manufactured by us.

Our analytical laboratories are well-equipped to determine:

  • Molecular weights (IV and GPC with RI, Visco and MALLS)
  • Monomer residuals (GC and HPLC)
  • Solvent residuals (GC, KF)
  • Composition (IR, NMR, UV-Vis)
  • Physical properties (Rheology, DSC, TGA, Tensile)
  • Structure (LM, SEM)  

We are fully capable to design and validate analytical methods. For bioassays and elemental analyses we team up with qualified partners. Our large network of specialists ensures that we always have access to the right technology to address our analytic demands.

Synthesis and Manufacturing

Our process laboratories are well-equipped to perform advanced chemistry and process development work. Five class 8 clean rooms are available that are fully compliant with GMP, allowing us to manufacture medical and pharmaceutical grade polymers. 

Our custom manufacturing facilities include reactors up to 100 L and all related up and down-stream processing equipment.

Drug depot formulation

Our drug delivery ventures InnoCore and InGell operate from a full-swing formulation development facility of 1500 sqm. This facility is located at another site in Groningen (adjacent to the University Hospital).