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Polyvation Your medicine to innovate

Enabling technologies

Polymers are rapidly developing towards smart functional materials that enable the development of advanced biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. They offer numerous opportunities for breakthrough technologies and innovative products. PolyVation aims to seize these opportunities for the benefit of customers and patients. To capitalize on the possibilities offered by functional polymers, PolyVation is proactively developing novel material technologies that create new product opportunities for our customers.

Specific polymer technologies for which we deliver unique expertise and access are:

  • Vinyl pyrrolidone (co)polymers
  • Acrylate (co)polymers
  • Ester (co)polymers
  • Orthoester (co)polymers
  • Ester/etherester multi-block (co)polymers

Development of these polymer technologies is focused regarding use for:

  • Controlled release depots & vehicles
  • Tissue engineering scaffolds & constructs
  • Medical device implants & surfaces
  • Prolonged desinfecting skin care