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PolyVation provides a great environment to learn applied polymer chemistry, analysis and manufacturing at every level. We like accommodating trainees. To become a PolyVation trainee, we expect you to be highly motivated to work in a dynamic, knowledge-driven environment that challenges your intelligence, creativity and perseverance. An internship at PolyVation is a demanding, but at the same time rewarding experience.

You may contact Joke Hagting via info@polyvation.com to explore the opportinuties at PolyVation. Please mention 'internship' in the subject. We would like you to attach your motivation, CV and list of marks. It will be helpful if you mention in which department you would like to do an internship.

Opportunities are:

  1. Analysis of monomers and polymers with multiple techniques;
  2. Develop and improve analytical methods;
  3. Multi-step monomer synthesis for a novel 3D organoid engineering matrix;
  4. Synthesis and characterization of bioresorbable polymers for drug delivery and implants;
  5. Antimicrobial polymers and formulations for application on skin and devices;
  6. Synthesis and development of lubricious hemocompatible polymers for medical devices, including characterization of the lubricious properties;
  7. Translational research into polymers towards tissue engineering, 3D printing of constructs and more;
  8. Partake in ongoing projects working towards cGMP manufacturing of novel biomedical polymers.

Important note: at this very moment all internship positions are occupied for the current teaching year (2020/2021)!