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InnoCore Pharmaceuticals wins Groningen Business Award

With great pride we announce that InnoCore Pharmaceuticals, our polymer enabled drug delivery venture, won the Groningen Business Award being the best company of the year.  

The jury was full of praise for the InnoCore team being capable of formulating tomorrows medicines using novel patented polymers. The polymers enable sustained delivery of all kinds of drug molecules including peptides and proteins. Upon injection, the polymer slowly dissolves, releasing the drug unaffected and maintaining its effect longer, with fewer side effects and at lower costs by reducing the frequency of injections.

The jury points out that InnoCore focuses on both clients and patients. In addition, the innovative development process, the pioneering patents that provide InnoCore with a strong global position, the attention for top talent, employment of highly educated people, a highly coherent team that knows its mission and the fact that InnoCore has selected Groningen as the residence to serve the world market were sound reasons for the jury to select InnoCore for the Groningen Business Award.

The entire team was over the moon in receiving this award.